Film and flying!

Hi! We were enchanted by two things the most as a child: flying and filming. We dreamt a lot how the air could be conquered or how our pictures could be vivified. Then as if a fairy godmother’s magic wands had arranged it, now as an adult, the two passions met. Due to our drones, our cameras flying in the air we can enjoy the pleasure of flying and filming together. If you would like to make your film really individual with something or you desire for a special photo, we will gladly help you.
Film and flying, come with us!

But why is it just 1909?

1909 was the golden year of flying. La Manche channel was flown across then, the first film and air photos were made from an airplane at that time, the first public air show was organized that year, Bleriot’s famous airplane flew over Budapest then. Flying became reality!
AIR1909 is the new perspective!

Why we?

We have the latest passion for air photo shooting, using drones with several years’ filming experience. Our professional team consists of recognized professionals also on the land, in the air and the cutting room. Now we would like to help you with making the photo that you have found out just as good or even better than you have imagined it.

Where can it be useful?

An extraordinary advertisement, a unique event, a special wedding photo, an unforgettable party, an unrivalled football match, an exclusive advertisement, an individual survey, an extraordinary clip – let your fantasy free, we give you a new angle of view. Our cameras record the events in the air and on the land at the same time.

What are we useful for?

Reference videos

Exxplosion - Power Fest

Felvidék - Székelyföld football match

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Our prices

  Sikorsky - Black Hawk Boeing 747 Airbus A380 Concorde
Camera GoPro - Drone GoPro - Drone GoPro-Drone+extra ground camera GoPro-Drone+extra ground camera
Flight time 20-25 min. 30-40 min. 20-30 min. 30-60 min.
Post-production yes yes yes
Film length 1-8 min.* 1-5 min.* 5-15 min.*
Correction 1 2 3
Price 110 € 210 € 350 € 480 €

* Each additional minute 10 €.

The prices do not include VAT.

For discount opportunities or for an individual offer ask our colleagues!